Team Building Perfume Making.1

·      Team Building

      Bring your employees together to boost morale whereby employees create their own fragrances as Departmental or Sectional team. This is an innovative, unique event to motivate, build trust and help colleagues engage with each other effectively. This create change towards a more motivated and productive workforce leading to positive results by helping them discover and appreciate their individuality through fragrance. It will reduce the stress of feeling isolated through fun team building initiatives that foster team chemistry, confidence, communication, and creativity.


C    Client / Employee Appreciation

      This is a  perfect way to appreciate your employees. Ideal for the Holidays, and Staff outing. Our Perfumists will help participants the Supervisor choose the perfect scent   combination from our exquisite blends to create  individual unique scents for your employee.  Whenever your guest wears their fragrance they will recall the experience.


Client Appreciation Creation Blend

 This is a  perfect way to appreciate your clients at any corporate event.  The company will  create a signature fragrance that is associated with a brand and evokes certain   emotions. It involves combining a company’s brand identity, marketing messages, target audience and developing a fragrance that intensifies these values  Signature   fragrance is a way to generate awareness of their brand which can also be incorporated into their packaging and other product categories e.g. candles, room sprays,  diffuser sticks to encourage repeat sales. This  is now a recognized and essential part of the corporation’s marketing budget to appeal to their clientele and give them a positive experience with their brand. This is the way to build the sweet smell of success and make your brand top of mind.


Scent or Aroma branding is a signature scent that the brand creates to embody its unique brand characteristics.   

We will personalize perfume bottles with your company logo and corporate colours, which are ideal for corporate gifting or to include in event goody bags. Suitable for: 10-200 guests  or more. With our guidance, each guest will have the opportunity to create their own bespoke fragrance and leave with an atomiser filled with their unique signature scent.