Wedding Perfume Making Party
Private Perfume Parties


Make girls night or any type of celebration fun!

Perfume parties are fun and very interactive. While hosting a lovely afternoon or evening with your friends , you immerse it with a scent. We guide your guests through the process of creating their own signature scent. Guests choose from a selection of oils such as jasmine, rose, sandalwood, honey , Lavender and clove to create a scent that is uniquely yours. MonniCues Fragrance Bar will creates custom perfume party stations at your event from Bridal showers, bachelorette parties, Wedding Receptions and  16 birthdays celebration. Everyone loves creating their own unique fragrance blends and designing their own custom perfume. We create memorable experiences for all party-goers and leave your guests with one-of-a-kind interactive favours! Fragrance parties are available upon request and can be tailored to meet your required outcome. There is a two hour minimum booking. Our range of perfume making experiences can easily be customized to meet specific party requirements and are perfect for all celebrations . 


Engagement Parties

Yes, you host your own Perfume Bar Party and we set it all up for you and you create your own unique perfume with your friends & family. Blend and Smell all the essential oils and create the perfume that’s best for you or for that someone special in your life. A perfumer will help your guest blend & blend the oils for your guest & wrap it up as a favour. You can also special order Perfume Bar Kits!


Bachelorette Parties

Enjoy the boutique all to yourselves as you and your guests make your very own custom blended perfume. Whether its to walk down the aisle or to wear on your night out, it’s your very own personalized creation. Most ladies like to have their perfume party before they go out on the town Friday or Saturday evenings or have a more causal Sunday afternoon soiree. We are here to make your bachelorette party exactly as you envision it with a great custom perfume experience in the mix! 


Bridal Shower & Thank You Parties

Gather your besties and come down to MonniCues  Fragrance for a creative and interactive bridal shower or a wonderful way to say “thank you” to your bridal party!  Enjoy the boutique all to yourselves as you and your guests make your very own custom blended perfume. Open gifts, sip on champagne and nibble on lite bits all while making your very own custom fragrance. Whether its to walk down the aisle or to wear as you relax on your honeymoon, it’s your very own personalized creation. We are here to make your bridal shower or thank you party perfect and you will be smelling great on your special day!


Wedding Reception Blend

 The  guest can create their own custom Scent.  Every time they wear their fragrance, they will be reminded of your special occasion.  Or the Bride and Groom can personally curate a fragrance for each guest based on the Signature Scent of the Bride and Groom for their Guests,