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Spring is practically here, and whether you’ll be focused on spring cleaning or spring flings, there’s no denying that the season is a time for new, new, and more new. Which means if you’ve ever wanted to switch up your fragrances—or add one to your routine for the first time ever—your moment is now.

Spring is the season we get to finally relish wearing cute sundresses, pastel nail polish, and enjoy waking up to the sweet smell of flowers. What else do you need? A fragrance that embodies the light and refreshing outdoor air, of course.

Best Spring Fragrances.1

This is a great time to commit to a new scent. As the seasons change many of us look for lighter and fresher fragrances that align with warmer temperatures. There are lots of perfumes that recently came to the market and are worth checking out for their innovative packaging and compositions. Here are some of my favorite new releases which are perfect to bring with you while traveling. Just make sure you either check your bag if your perfume is over three ounces or try to have a mini bottle with you on the road.Whether you want a sexy or subtle scent, these are some of the newest as well as best-selling floral perfumes for spring 2019 on the market.

Best Spring Fragrances