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Welcome to MonniCues Fragrance


Today, Customers are tire with standardized fragrances that you smell on everyone. At MonniCues Fragrance , we want to revive the creative audacity and exceptional ingredients of traditional High Perfumery because fragrance brings  another layer to life, they enhance everyday life experiences. Now everyone can create their signature perfume with our perfumers, everywhere, all the time.

MonniCues helps you create your own custom blended fragrances that reflect you and your personality.

Become a scent designer and tailor-make your own fragrance that captures the essence of you and gives you a fragrance to wear and cherish.

Our blends contain the highest quality ingredients, designed to help you blend a scent as individual as you are. Simply .  

Perhaps you already know which ingredients you like best or are inspired by an already existing fragrance. We are here to blend your personalized perfume with all natural essences made by you.

We also stock one of the widest ranges of Oud fragrances , Original fragrances Inspired by” designer fragrances and oil based fragrance, among them are the world’s most exclusive and most expensive fragrances. If you are looking for fragrances for sale then you have come to the right place. Along with good quality, we sell our perfumes at an excellent price. we have the best in the market at a very affordable price.


Our sense of smell is our most powerful sense and the impact of someone’s fragrance when you first meet them can become a memory that lasts a lifetime! Now you can have your own unique perfume by taking our interactive fragrance Personality Profile, so start your fragrance journey here.

Scent Creation

Create your Romantic Memory Scent

Design Your Own Romantic Memory fragrance that is sensual with sophisticated spices and woody notes,

heightened with amber oriental and sultry floral  blends, heightened with amber oriental and sultry floral blends

e.g Wedding Day, Wedding Anniversary


Create your Oud Scent

Design Your Own Woodsy Perfume Blends that will consists of warm, creamy cedarwood, sandalwood, mossy, relaxing

lavender, and smooth amber which   remind you of the great outdoors and forests. Many woodsy scents

also tend to be spicy and herbaceous. Men find this very appealing and some women love   wearing a men’s scent.


Create Your Own Spicy Fragrance Scent

Spicy scents are warm, sensual, luxurious and a perfect complement and  Ideal for Men and Women.


Create Your Own Fresh Floral Scent

Fresh fragrances remind you of the smell of falling rain, fresh cut grass, dew drops, crisp mountain air, and the smell

of a breezy ocean. People love a fresh   sporty   fragrance  because it is invigorating, elegant,  simple and clean, and

can be worn by both men and women. Fresh scents are refreshing and spirited just   like a bright Spring   day.

The Fresh Floral blend is a truly vibrant and breezy collection of fresh aquatic accords that lets you create light

and airy fragrances.   Featuring fresh floral and marine   inspired scents.


Create Your Own Sweet Fragrance  Scent

The blend will contain the highest quality perfume ingredients, designed to help you blend a fragrance as individual

as you are. This will be suitable for Summer.   it contains   everything you need to expertly create your own unique

fragrance, contains 6 fragrance blends from the Designer brands, chosen from our exclusive   range curated by our

expert perfumers.