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MonniCues Fragrance & Cosmetics is committed to timeless products that bring out that special kind of confidence you only feel from a perfume & cosmetic that mesh perfectly with you. We are a company built on the timeless and enduring values of honesty and integrity. We value excellence, quality and attention to detail. Our philosophy is quite simple, to produce quality products that will bring solution to our customers.

MonniCues Fragrance & Cosmetics is dedicated to creating original products made with the highest quality ingredients. We offer ,fragrance and skin care products. We love all kinds of perfume, which is why we think it’s high time to call attention to all of our perfumes. Our professionalism is well known and appreciated, which has enabled us to continue to grow and become a point of reference throughout the country.’

We aim to inspire Men & Women to discover a deep sense of beauty that is uniquely their own.The secret power behind our success is that we keep on striving to achieve the best solution for our customers, by respecting our supplier’s restrictions. 

Shop the highest quality Perfume Oils, Cosmetic Products, and Body Oils at LOW WHOLESALE PRICES! The fragrance evokes the ultimate reminiscence. Discover your favourites, and prepare to let each scent take you on the most beautiful tropical daydream you have ever had. We have over 1000 perfumes available





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Our team at MonniCues Fragrance  aim to give our customers the ultimate shopping experience. Genuine service, genuine products from genuine companies at genuinely discounted prices.

  • ALL MonniCues Fragrance  products are sourced directly from the branded manufacturing company or Francne distributor or an agent. They are guaranteed genuine products.
  • ALL  products are guaranteed to be manufactured by their branded manufacturer. They are NOT copies or out of date products.
  • MonniCues Fragrance merchandise is the genuine product from the genuine company at an affordable price